Self-Assessment Accountants in the Black Country

Setting up and managing your own business can be a complex and tricky process. There are so many legal requirements that you need to adhere to alongside the day to day running of your business that many sole traders find that they get behind with their company accounts. This can make end of year self-assessments a worry and very time consuming.

We at Blackthorns Accountants offer a wide range of self-assessment services in the Black Country to allow us to help manage your day to day accounts and free you up to do what you are best at. We aim to avoid the stress that is often caused by self-assessments and avoid costly mistakes often due to missed deadlines or errors in records. We are able to deal directly with HMRC if required to and should you be selected for a self-assessment enquiry, will assist you from start to finish.

Tax returns in the Black Country

Many self-employed people miss out on claiming certain expenses when it comes to doing their tax returns simply due to not being aware, with our help we can ensure that you are only paying the tax you should be and that you are keeping the appropriate records that may be needed in the future.

It is the individual’s responsibly to inform HMRC if they need to complete a tax return, the forms will then be issued and it is again the responsibility of the individual to ensure that the forms are completed correctly and submitted on time. Often these forms are not as straight forward as you may hope, especially in the case of assets and dividend payments etc.

We offer a comprehensive, low cost fee for managing your self-assessment in the Black Country or surrounding areas and can create a bespoke package to suit you. It may be that you want to manage the day to day accounting of the business yourself but then require help for the year-end tax return or maybe you would rather someone take the hassle out of the accounting side of the business altogether, whatever your requirements, we have a flexible approach to allow us to meet your needs.